Friday, May 25, 2012

Lightning and Rainbows and Sunsets, oh my!

Ho-ly mackeral! So that thunder I mentioned? Yah, it definitely turned into the most epic thunderstorm I've ever witnessed. At least in Oregon. I am still in awe.

Alright, so as I mentioned, we were on our way to visit Grammie and Grandpops, but by the time we got there the light had taken on an unearthly greenish-yellow hue and a wave of angry looking clouds was rolling across what remained of the blue sky. We 'd just gotten out of the car and were in the process of getting Dash out of his carseat when the first substantial lightning bolts began zigzagging  overhead. Grammie met us in the driveway as we were staring, slack-jawed, at the horizon. We deliberated for a bit, then handed Dash to her, hopped back in the car, and set out to find the center of the storm. Best spontaneous date night ever!

Heading down the back roads as the storm rolls over head.

We had to pull over because it started hailing so intensely that we couldn't see anything. This was right after the hail had let up and only the rain was left.
I opened the window for like a millisecond (mistake!) and was bombarded with hail balls this big and bigger.
This storm was so wild because it was simultaneously hailing, pouring rain, sunny, cloudy, and (double) rainbow-y. Brilliant golden beams of sun would shoot through the clouds in spotlight-like patches. It was like all possible weather types were happening at once.
Stormy Chehalem Valley
Giant bolts of lightening were striking overhead. We deliberated which way would bring us closer to the heart of the storm and decide to head back towards Newberg.
The piece de resistance! Driving back toward Newberg and I managed to snap this beauty (on my iphone, no less!). The best part was the snarly clap of thunder that almost simultaneously accompanied it.
Storm chasers! So nerdy badass!
Just as the sun was setting, a rift formed in the clouds allowing the sun's final rays to blaze through. Exceptionally dark clouds covering the majority of the sky made the fiery orange sunlight that much more brilliant. It was breathtaking. Unlike Joe and me, who are just soaking.
Then this happened!
So many picture-worthy things were happening at once it was hard to decide what to focus on. The sunset was extraordinary, but as the sun was setting, we witnessed what seemed to be the grand finale of the lightning and thunder. A bolt of lightning that seriously looked to have six or seven arms lit up the sky just to the left of this picture.
Just perfect. The outline of the hills was illuminated as sunlight reflected off the falling rain.
Joe and I were giggling gleefully through almost the entire storm. I mean, how often do you get thunder and lightning, double rainbows, an epic unleashing of hail, and a dazzling sunset all in one evening?

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