Friday, May 25, 2012


Ok, so perhaps I wasn't quite as productive as I'd anticipated being but I did get a few things accomplished. Met up with some lady friends for lunch, drove all the way to Costco only to discover I'd forgotten my debit card AND Costco card, dropped by my Grandma's house to say hi (she wasn't home but I did catch Dash drinking out of her water fountain), then took the back roads home to Newberg because the weather was too good to waste on highway driving.

Got home around 4:30 and immediately remembered I'd told Joe I would bring him lunch...4 hours ago. Fail! Swiftly whipped up a penitence quesadilla and had that and a cold beer waiting for him when he got home from work.

While Joe refueled, Dash and I spent some quality time rolling around his room having a hilarious photo op. He can be such a ham! It's so funny because he's started to recognize the camera and will make this super goofy face every time he sees it pointed at him. Sadly, my crappy camera doesn't ever seem to catch those faces in time, but nonetheless, our impromptu photo op yielded some darling pics.

Now we're off to go visit Grammie (Joe's mom) and, what's this? It's thundering! So eerie but so cool. Yay for weird Spring weather!

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