Saturday, April 27, 2013

The ultrasound results are in!

Sorry to be posting this two days after the actual ultrasound but the celebratory lunch we had after said ultrasound left me with violent and unsightly food poisoning (boo on you McDonalds!) which resulted in a not particularly fun past two days. Ah well, all is better now and I can finally share the news all official-like.

First off, here's the whole fam, waiting in the lobby at the doc office pre-appointment:
D still has yogurt remnants on his nose from a self administered breakfast. Delish. Grammie (Katie) and Auntie "Waychoh" (Rae) came along for the ride too, but no photographic evidence is available. Here are me and D, snuggled up on the ultrasound bed/chair thing after discovering that...


That's right folks, it's a boy! As of late August, my house will be overrun by boys! We are very excited and although the immediate gratification side of me was disappointed that I didn't get to go girl clothes shopping, I am so happy that D will have a buddy to bro it out with through his growing up years (and hopefully all the rest of his life).

Alright, I'm off. D just wandered into our room saying, "Food?" and clutching a box of instant oatmeal so I think it's grub time. Also, I think his diaper is sagging past his knees so it may be time to address that as well (mother of the year award goes to me). Love you all!



  1. YAAAAY!!! Every boy needs a brother! I'm SO super excited for you guys :) Congratulations! You have a beautiful family :)

  2. Fun post! And you might just find that as crazy as having a boy house sounds, they often get together and do their boy thing and give you a little moment. Alone. Just sometimes. Congrats!


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